Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anime and Manga players in the Dutch market

There are several players in the Dutch market for Anime and Manga, some more important than others. Besides showing you each player, I will of course tell you which player is taking a wrong turn and which players are doing allright.
Let's first state which players there are already.

We have several DVD publishers such as Nekotachi, Kaze, A-Film has two labels: MangaDVD and the new Otaku label coming in June, Sony's Anime Essentials and Dybex.

Manga publishers are starting up in Holland: Glènat, Kana, Uitgeverij Xtra and Uitgevery Standaard.

Beside some bootleg magazines, there is only one magazine in Holland: AniWay.

I'll elaborate on each one of them as I set up this blog.


At 19:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finding your blog I was urged to make a comment.
How do you fing the strategy implemented by Nekotachi ?
Just curious because I'm basically the one that has created it.
Waiting your comment (or not ;)


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